Monetran Files Patent Application

WILMINGTON, DE, USA, June 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The management of Monetran, LLC has announced that the company has filed a patent application for the method by which their token, known as Moneda, is provided price stability.

Monetran, an internet fintech company based in Delaware, has developed Moneda with the intention of having it serve as a universal medium of exchange for purchases and transfers on the internet. The company believes that stability of price will be one of the most important features for any coin or token to achieve mass adoption, and has designed its token to overcome the unstable swings in price experienced by the typical cryptocurrency of today.

In addition to price stability, Monetran expects that Moneda will provide another important feature, and that is to serve as a long-term store of value. Because Monedas are backed by interest bearing financial instruments, the value of the tokens are predicted to gradually increase, thereby largely negating the detrimental effects of monetary inflation experienced by fiat currencies and the tokens pegged to them.

Monetran achieves its goals for Moneda through a unique method which incorporates collateral investments with a redemption mechanism. The company says that the result is a token which has great stability – a feature which merchants almost certainly will require to accept any cryptocurrency – combined with the ability to hold its value for extended periods of time.

“We believe that the method we employ to achieve Moneda’s features will be a game changer in that it solves two major hurdles faced by the typical cryptocurrency – stability and the ability to serve as a store of value,” Monetran’s CEO, Don Bielak said. “Accordingly, we are confident that what we have developed will be deserving of patent protection.”

Monetran also has plans to use Moneda as the basis for a fintech operation which will focus on international remittances, a $600 billion global market. Longer term goals include partnerships with major retailers using Moneda as the medium of exchange for purchases over the internet.

Both the Moneda token and the Monetran proprietary app have been developed on the Stellar blockchain. Stellar enables lightning fast exchanges for mere pennies. Monetran will therefore be able to provide financial services at up to 70% below typical competitors.

Monetran maintains a company website at www.monetran.com. The company is currently engaged in an SEC Regulated Crowdfunding which enables all investors – accredited or not – to purchase equity in in Monetran in the form of units consisting of both a share in the company plus a Moneda token. The SEC Reg. CF is being administered by an SEC required intermediary, StartEngine, at www.startengine.com/monetran-llc.

Originally appeared on EIN Presswire.

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