Redemption Price of Monetran Tokens Raised Again

WILMINGTON, DE, USA, April 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ —
The management of Monetran – a blockchain fintech company based in Delaware – has announced that it has raised the redemption price for their Moneda tokens to $0.258. The new price represents a 3.2% increase over their launch price of $0.250 in 2021.

The price increase is a feature of the Moneda token. It has been designed to gradually gain in value as a result of the appreciation of the investment account which backs the token 100%. This gives the Moneda token an advantage over other stable coins which are backed by fiat currency and, therefore, are subject to a loss due to inflation.

Don Bielak, Monetran founder and CEO, offered his assessment of the price increase. “The 3.2% increase has taken place in two installments in the past six or seven months,” Bielak said. “Although not a fortune by any means, it is important to note that the slow, steady, appreciation of the Moneda token is in keeping with our plan. When one considers that the rate of loss that fiat-backed coins and tokens have suffered over the same time period, the amount of appreciation is that more impressive.”

Unlike most stable tokens which are backed by fiat currency, Monetran backs its Moneda tokens with financial instruments such as U.S. Treasuries and inflation resistant bonds. This provides Moneda tokens the ability to actually increase in value rather than decrease due to fiat inflation.

Monetran has been built on the ultra-fast Stellar blockchain. Stellar utilizes a Federated Byzantine Agreement model to verify transactions. There is no mining of tokens involved and, therefore, there is no waste of electrical resources as occurs with Proof-of-Work models employed by coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Monetran is involved in the area of value transfer using blockchain. The company’s system enables customers to make payments faster and more economical compared to traditional payment processing methods.

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