Monetran to Exhibit at Washington Elite Blockchain Summit

Wilmington, DE – – The management of Monetran, LLC has announced that the company will sponsor an information booth from which it will offer information to prospective investors at the prestigious Washington Elite Blockchain Summit on October 23, 2020. The summit, which is an annual event held in D.C., attracts some of the highest net worth investors from all parts of the world.

At the summit, Monetran expects to present its proprietary app which will enable the company to make international payments and remittances in a matter of seconds at a cost that is up to 70% less than most of their competitors. The app is currently in beta testing and the company expects it to be fully functional in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Among Monetran’s developments is Moneda, an asset-backed stable token developed for use on the Stellar network. Moneda has been designed to gradually appreciate in value and, according to the company, it has been created with the purpose of making it a universally accepted medium of exchange for purchases and payments on the internet.

“We are quite pleased and excited to be accepted as exhibitors at the Washington Elite Summit,” Monetran’s CEO, Don Bielak, said. “Hopefully everyone will stop by our booth to ask questions and to receive information on the project and the opportunity it presents.”

Bielak is tentatively scheduled to serve as a panelist on one of the discussions on fintech / cryptocurrency.

Monetran is currently engaged in an SEC Regulation Crowdfunding through the intermediary, NetCapital. Investors can obtain equity in the company by purchasing units which consist of both a share of stock and a Moneda token. The offering is available to both foreign and U.S. investors and will only continue until September 4, 2020.

Further information on the company can be found at the Monetran website at www.monetran.com.

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