Monetran Announces Expanded Bonus Program

USA, March 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wilmington, DE – – Monetran LLC, an international money transfer company registered in Delaware, has announced that effective immediately the company will honor volume token bonuses based on cumulative investments.

Previously, volume bonuses were awarded on individual investment amounts. That meant that if an investor had invested $2,000 in one instance and $500 in another, he would not be eligible for bonus tokens as he would not have invested $2,500 at once. Now, with investments being totaled, that same investor would be eligible for 20% more bonus tokens.

“We had a few instances wherein investors made investments in increments that when totaled, would have reached a volume bonus level,” Monetran CEO Don Bielak said. “It seemed unfair that these investors would be denied bonuses simply because their investments were spread out over two or more purchases. We looked at the problem and realized that the right thing to do would be to base bonuses on the total amount invested, not the individual purchases. We feel this is the correct way to reward those we value most, our investors.”

The company’s token, called Moneda, is “an asset-backed stable token designed for mass adoption,” according to Monetran’s official website. The company plans to make its tokens redeemable for a portion of the assets that are used to back the currency.

Monetran is in the process of an SEC Regulation Crowdfunding administered through the crowdfunding portal, StartEngine. Monetran units, consisting of both a share of stock in the company plus a utility token, are available on the StartEngine site at startengine.com/monetran-llc.

This article originally appeared on EINnewswire.

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