WILMINGTON, DE, US, June 5, 2020 / — Monetran LLC, a blockchain fintech startup based in Delaware, has made equity in the company available through an SEC Regulation Crowdfunding offering administered by Netcapital.

The offering of 200,000 units consists of one share of Class A voting stock plus one company token as a perk per unit. Investors may purchase units at $1.25 each.

Monetran combines blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to enable customers to transfer funds and send remittances faster and more economically than by traditional methods.

Monetran’s system is designed to cost 70% less than traditional money transfers, and to cut the time of delivery down from days to a mere 3-5 seconds. All this while earning considerable profits for the company by extracting fees each time a transaction passes through the company app. From the outset, Monetran intends to use its system to compete for a share of the $700 billion remittance industry. The company says that one model demonstrates that Monetran could earn $10 million annually based on a 3% market penetration and that several such markets are available for development.

In addition to its transfer system, Monetran has developed Moneda, an asset-backed, redeemable, stable token. Moneda has been designed to maintain its value, making it a true store of value and a perfect medium of exchange. Moneda encompasses all of the features necessary to achieve mass adoption and is poised to obtain the popularity needed to become a universally accepted method of payment on the internet. Moneda tokens are backed 100% by U.S. Government securities, unlike other stable tokens which are collateralized fractionally.

The company has developed a minimal viable product which is undergoing final adjustments prior to launch. The MVP will enable customers to open accounts, buy and redeem Moneda tokens directly from Monetran, and to make P2P transfers. Once fully operational, the company app will enable cross-border remittances and transfers through both PC and mobile applications. Moneda tokens are backed 100% by U.S. Government securities.

“This is an excellent time to invest in Monetran,” CEO Don Bielak said. “We have made steady progress and are nearly ready to launch our MVP. I expect that, given our current level of development, we will have the entire system operational sometime this summer.”

Bielak added that the company has been in talks with financial institutions based in both Latin America and Europe and will continue to pursue strategic partnerships in those areas as well as others.

Monetran’s offering on Netcapital can be accessed at www.netcapital.com/companies/monetran and the company’s website is located at www.monetran.com.

Originally published on BostonHerald.com

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