No cryptocurrency to date can be widely accepted for making payments over the Internet. Latency, expense, and instability have been insurmountable problems, and virtually all existing cryptocurrencies suffer from at least one, and often more than one, of these problems.

Here we have introduced Moneda, an asset-backed, redeemable stable token which will be issued by Monetran for use on the Stellar network.

One of the goals of the Monetran project is to make Moneda a universally accepted medium of exchange. We will seek to forge partnerships with such online retail giants as Amazon, Walmart, and Apple.

Moneda will be transfused with tangible value from its inception, with a viable plan to increase its value over time. It will be redeemable – something that no American currency has been since the days of the gold standard. Because it will be built on the lightning fast Stellar network, Moneda will enable swift, secure, economical transfers and transactions for any amount, large or small, either domestically or internationally. Moneda should be stable and therefore beneficial to both customers and merchants. It will be very economical for those sending remittances and other money transfers, especially in the under-developed parts of the world.

In short, Moneda has been designed to encompass all of the qualities that any currency, digital or otherwise, should have to be accepted as a universal medium of exchange.

The Monetran system will extract transaction fees whenever Moneda is used to make payment through the Internet and, with trillions of dollars of economic activity passing through it every year, Monetran will have a great opportunity to earn major profits!

Now you can be a part of the revolution in Internet commerce that Monetran is spearheading. Don’t be a spectator. Latch on and ride the wave… invest in Monetran!

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