How to Send a Remittance

How to Send a Remittance

To Send a Remittance:

Monetran is currently capable of buying, selling, and redeeming Moneda tokens as well as enabling P2P transfers of tokens including support for Federated addresses.

At this time, we are not offering a remittance service, although it is a primary goal of the company.

We anticipate, however, that we will have the ability to enable remittances by mid-2021.

Should you be interested in Monetran’s remittance services, which will offer discounts of up to 70% compared to most of the traditional transfer companies, send an email to admin@monetran.com. Include in the subject line the email address at which you wish to receive notices.

Monetran will contact you when the remittance service is operational.

We thank you for your interest and are looking forward to providing first class service to you at the lowest rates possible.


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