How it works

How it Works

Monetran, LLC

Monetran LLC is registered in the state of Delaware, USA, and is the company which oversees the asset account for Moneda. This account is fully transparent and professionally managed. The account principal is designed to increase over time with compound interest from the investments within, which largely negate the effects of monetary inflation and negative interest rates.

An Experienced Investment Firm

Monetran has established its asset account with Fidelity Investments, long renowned as one of the world’s most trusted providers of financial services.


A Trusted Bank in the U.S.

Founded in 1882, Fulton Bank is one of America’s oldest financial institutions and is the bank where Monetran’s main business account has been established.

Moneda Token

The Moneda token has been created with specific goals in mind. It has been developed on the Stellar network and as a Stellar token receives all the benefits that this dynamic, innovative platform provides. Stellar enables swift, secure, scalable, and inexpensive transfers of funds while the unique asset management paradigm devised by Monetran has given the token instant and increasing value.

The Monetran App

Low fees

Monetran's transaction fees are among the lowest charged , either by credit or debit cards or cryptocurrency transfers. Skip the crypto exchanges and buy Moneda directly from Monetran - and save.

SEND FROM one person to another

Monetran enables a user to make a peer-to-peer transfer of tokens anywhere in the world in 3-5 seconds. P2P transfers are always free of charge, regardless of how many tokens are sent or received.

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speedy transactions

The Stellar Network enables lightning fast transfers and transactions - in excess of 2,000 per second. Sending funds from one federation ID to another takes approximately 2-5 seconds.


Designed for an easy user experience, the Monetran App allows users to send tokens internationally or domestically using federation ID's. Forwarding value will be as simple as entering an email address.

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