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Don Bielak

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Don Bielak, Jr.

Chief Systems Engineer

Daina Behe

Social Media Manager

Gbolahan Onadeko pix

Gbolahan Onadeko

Lead System Developer

Nadia Chilmonik

Systems Analysis Advisor

David Olszewski

Dave Olszewski

Chief Technology Officer

Patricia Walterick

IT Advisor

Ron Robinson

Chief Information Officer

It takes a great team to build a great project

Don Bielak – (Chief Executive Officer) Comes into the Monetran Project after many years of experience as the Publicity and Media Relations Director for a major New Jersey sports venue. Was instrumental in securing national media coverage in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, among others, for his company. Is an alumnus of Thomas Edison University where he majored in communications.

Don Bielak, Jr. – (Chief Systems Engineer) Graduated from Drexel University with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Engineering Management. Currently serves as manager of Reliability Engineering at PJM Interconnection – North America’s largest Independent System Operator and RTO that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia.

David Olszewski – (Chief Technical Officer) Graduated from Hamburg University with a Masters degree in computer science. Has launched two successful startups and also has decades of experience in product development. Has been granted seven patents for computer systems and applications. Among his specialties are DevOps and mobile integration.

Ron Robinson – (Chief Information Officer) Earned a degree in Communications & Marketing from the University of Tulsa. Has been involved in 100+ political campaigns across the country in a communications capacity. Is a nationally renowned expert in video and digital operations. Has demonstrated advanced knowledge in communications security.

Gbolahan Onadeko – (Lead System Developer) Earned a Masters Degree from the National Institute of Information and Technology in Nigeria. Developer of ToNaira, a remittance portal which won an award from the Stellar Build Challenge. Is a qualified expert in the Stellar blockchain and related protocols. Will be instrumental in the design and creation of the Monetran app. as well as related peripherals for the project.

Patricia Walterick – (IT Advisor) A graduate of Wm. and Mary College with degrees in both Psychology and Kinesiology. Also holds a Masters in Education from Goddard College, where she focused on technology in Education and E-Learning design. Is a professional web developer and digital marketer for numerous clients, designing, developing, and managing websites; manages SEO and marketing campaigns.

Nadia Chilmonik – (Systems Analysis Advisor) Holds a degree from George Washington University in Systems Engineering. Expert in designing and coding algorithms. Is a member of NASA Datanauts where she collaborates with NASA data scientists. Has experience in blockchain technology and programming.

Daina Behe – (Social Media Manager) Has a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Expert in social media copywriting and management. Is proficient in graphic design. Has experience in database maintenance. Is experienced in marketing and developing brand identity. 


Our mission is to establish a digital currency for everyday use in internet commerce. We intend to ensure that the currency has tangible value and that people everywhere will find it desirable for transactions. We believe that, ultimately, our efforts will result in a cheaper, faster, more flexible method of transferring funds, bringing benefit to people the world over. Moreover, we believe that the mining portion of blockchain technology is a wasteful process which can be replaced by eliminating that procedure in favor of the Byzantine Consensus Algorithm model, which was refined by the Stellar network and adopted by Monetran.

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