About Stellar

“With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit Stellar.org expands access to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.”  -from the Stellar website

Stellar is an Open Source, Distributed Payments Structure

Stellar is a complex distributed system that enables financial transactions that resolve in approximately 2-5 seconds. It operates on what's known as the federated Byzantine Agreement, which differs from the way Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains work. This method of consensus was created by Professor David Mazieres. To read his white paper, click below.



Inexpensive, international transfers are completed in seconds

Mobile Money Leaders

Sending payments via mobile and web applications.


Payments as low as $1 or less are enabled and cost pennies


The many advantages of Monetran / Moneda

  • Is SEC compliant and available to U.S. investors
  • The Stellar Network will enable transactions in 2-5 seconds
  • Moneda is backed by a portfolio of financial instruments
  • Will provide very economical transaction fees
  • Will enable micropayments –  even those less than $1.
  • Provides token stability benefiting customers and merchants
  • Moneda functions as a store of value and increases gradually
  • Will enable P2P international transfers including conversions
  • Trading of Moneda will be available on major exchanges
  • Will not require mining which wastes valuable resources
  • Will be available in areas underserved in financial systems


Although Monetran expects its native token, Moneda, to gain universal acceptance in the first world, it also intends to make its system available to those in the developing and third world countries. Many inhabitants of those areas lack access to financial systems which many of us take for granted. The Monetran system, taking advantage of the many features of the Stellar Network, will make swift, economical transactions available to millions of people who previously had to deal with slow and expensive transfers of funds, which is part and parcel of most existing processors.

According to statistics supplied by the World Bank, the average $200 remittance in these areas is subject to approximately 7.1% in fees, or more than $14. The Monetran system, enabled by the Stellar network, expects to be able to transfer $200 nearly anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds at a cost that is at least 70% less.

Typical blockchains require a vast amount of energy to verify or “mine” transactions. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, mining the leading cryptocurrency alone will use as much electricity as a medium sized country does today. When all other cryptocurrencies that require mining are factored in, the electrical drain is absolutely mind boggling. 

The Monetran system will be built on the Stellar Network, which utilizes a Federated Byzantine Agreement to reach consensus, thereby eliminating the need for mining. No matter how popular Moneda gets, it will not waste a single watt of one of the world’s most precious resources. 


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