How it works

How it Works

Monetran, LLC

Monetran, LLC is registered in the state of Delaware, USA, and is the company which oversees the asset account for Moneda. This account is fully transparent and professionally managed. The account principal increases with every transaction of Moneda, and the account profits increase steadily from the portfolio of investments within.

An Experienced Investment Firm

Monetran has established its asset account with Fidelity Investments, long renowned as one of the world’s most trusted providers of financial services.


A Trusted Bank in the U.S.

Founded in 1882, Fulton Bank is one of America’s oldest financial institutions and is the bank where Monetran’s main business account has been established.

Moneda Token

The Moneda token has been created with specific goals in mind. It has been developed on the Stellar network and as a Stellar token receives all the benefits that this dynamic, innovative platform provides. Stellar will enable swift, secure, scalable, and inexpensive transfers of funds while the unique asset management paradigm devised by Monetran is expected to give the token instant and increasing value.


The Monetran App

user friendly Design

Designed for an easy user experience, the Monetran App will allow users to send money internationally or domestically using federation ID's. Forwarding money will be as simple as entering an email address.

send from one currency to another

When you send money from your account to another, your fiat currency gets converted to the Moneda token. Moneda arrives at the anchor located near the new address, and gets converted quickly to the receiving party's fiat of choice.

speedy transactions

The Stellar Network enables lightning fast transfers and transactions - in excess of 1,000 per second. Sending funds from one federation ID to another only takes approximately 2-5 seconds. No more standing in lines or waiting for hours to receive your funds.


The Monetran App will charge transaction fees which are 70% less than our competitors when you send money internationally. This is far less expensive than most other platforms. Also, a significant portion of the fees will be deposited into the asset account, causing Moneda tokens to become even more valuable!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monetran?

Monetran is a two-part project which consists of a unique, asset backed token and a business plan that is designed to take advantage of it. The token, called Moneda, has been engineered to constantly gain value, making it a perfect medium for those who use, trade, or hold it. 

What is in the asset account?

The asset account contains a portfolio of tangible assets; U.S. Treasuries, Municipal bonds, interest bearing instruments, even a small percentage of precious metals may be included. The objective is to preserve and increase the value of the account, making Moneda stronger and stronger as time goes by.

What is special about Moneda?

Moneda, the stable token of the Monetran network, has been designed in a manner which continually adds funds to an asset account, which is used to back the currency. Unlike other tokens or fiat currency, Moneda actually has value – tangible value. This makes Moneda perfect for all types of commerce because merchants can rely on the value and stability of the token.

How does Moneda add funds to an asset account?

Each time Moneda is used in commerce, a small amount of the principal  is deducted as a transaction fee. Those fees are directed into an asset account which ensures the value and viability of Moneda as a medium of exchange and helps the price of the currency grow.

What happens to the assets in the account?

At the end of each quarter, any profit above the principal in the account will be removed and used to buy Moneda on the open market. These tokens will be burned, reducing the number of tokens in circulation. As the number of tokens in circulation decreases, the scarcity of the remaining tokens should trigger an increase in price. As time goes by, Moneda should become more and more popular while at the same time becoming even more scarce. All the while, the principal in the account continues to grow. The end result is that token holders will reap the benefits of the Monetran asset paradigm.

What about the business Monetran will be involved in?

Monetran will embark on a mission to become the premier method of fast, secure, economical transfer of funds on a global scale. Plans call for an initial entrance into the remittance market – a market worth nearly $600 billion per year and growing. A likely first step will be a move into the remittance market from the U.S. to Mexico, which is worth $30 billion annually at this point in time. With each transaction processed by Monetran, Moneda will gain in value. 

Will Monetran become involved in businesses other than remittance?

Yes. The remittance market is only a start. Because Moneda are scalable, micro payments will be available for commerce. For example, if someone wants to buy a cup of coffee for 99 cents, they can use the Monetran app on their phone to pay in Moneda. Virtually any type of transaction, large or small, will be enabled by Monetran. And Monetran will be constantly seeking out new opportunities using the Moneda medium. Monetran will seek strategic alliances with major retailers in an effort to make Moneda a well recognized, accepted medium of exchange. Our plan is to supply plugins to these retailers which will enable them to accept our tokens. The tokens will be returned to us and we will extract transaction fees.


Registered under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA

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Public Equity Offering by SEC Regulation CF Rules